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The ICT industry is in the midst of unprecedented evolution, charting new achievements every day. Businesses can now leverage on the state-of-the-art technologies with greater ease and at a fraction of the cost.

ITX Asia 2016, is the only B2B ICT and ERP trade event connecting technology vendors, suppliers and consultants in Malaysia and across Asia. Capitalise on this unique opportunity to experience seamless on-boarding to the latest technology innovations. ITX Asia 2016 is the meeting place and open market for technology vendors and buyers, delivering both current and future products and solutions.

Technology is intertwined in nearly every aspect of business today, fast becoming the primary driver of market differentiation, business growth, and profitability. ITX Asia 2016 focused on introducing new trends and technology to the market – of ‘Tech Forward’ as we call it.

Whatever your target audience might be: corporate companies or SMEs, use ITX Asia 2016 as your platform to reach these IT stakeholders!



Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand & Australia are ahead of Germany, UK & US - Cloud Readiness Index @accacloud

64% of companies reduced waste & lowered energy consumptions after shifting to cloud @supportlondon

Cloud Computing is 40x more cost effective for an SME, compared to running its own IT system @IDC

90% of Microsoft’s R&D budget will be used to improve cloud technology & security services in 2016 @Microsoft

Experts predict that 40 zettabytes of data will be held in the cloud by 2020 @IDC @EMCcorp


70% of consumers across Southeast Asia prefer to shop at stores that accept contactless payments @Visa

69% of consumer spending in Singapore is made through electronic payments @wirecard @Mastercard

For every $100 spent on personal consumption in Singapore, $58 are completed through e-payments @wirecard @Euromonitor

Asia has the most to gain from blockchain tech being used in finance because of its unique social structure @dbsbank

Asia Pacific accounts for 19% of global financing activity, up from just 6% in 2010 @Accenture


87% of the people have not heard of the term ‘Internet of Things’ @Accenture

ATMs are some of the 1st IoT objects, went online since 1974 @intel

In 2008, more objects were connected to the Internet than people @Cisco

By 2020, the number of Internet-connected things will exceed 50 billion @Cisco

Energy efficiency & cost effectiveness are among the 7 design features for a device to be labelled IoT @ITU


75% of security breaches go undiscovered for weeks or months @MITSloan

In 2015, even fewer SMEs (29%) used standard security tools, compared in 2014 (39%) @Cisco

200 is the median number of days that attackers stay hidden within a network before detection @Microsoft

70% of cyberattacks use a combination of phishing & hacking techniques and involve a secondary victim @verizon

Only 38% of global organizations claim they are prepared to handle a sophisticated cyberattack @ISACANews

Who Should Attend?

  • C-levels
  • Board of Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Academicians
  • Consultants / Specialists

Related Sectors / Industries / Departments

  • Banking and Financial Construction
  • Engineering / R&D
  • F&B
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • IT /Value Added Service Providers
  • Manufacturing
  • Multimedia & Communications
  • Stock & Investment
  • System Integrators
  • SMEs
  • Transportation & Logistics

Why Is This Conference For You?

Stay Ahead

The meaning of ‘staying ahead’ encompass many facets of consideration; business opportunities, economics, threats, risks, sustainability, expansion, etc. with the digital age ushered into the market, the velocity of growth has far surpassed even the most veteran of entrepreneurs. This serves as a testament to the quote ‘knowledge is power’. It doesn’t matter if you are giving or taking, some business out there is looking for you.


‘Money is in the people you know’ serves t indicate how business is performed through people. There is no indication of how many connections one must build prior to achieving a status of sustainability.

Problem Solving

An active market means progress, and at every level obstacle for SMEs are unique. To solve problems in a digital age, you need experts bred in the digital field. Find out how technopreneurs are introducing their solutions into the market for your consideration.




Business Media International is Southeast Asia's largest B2B media owners. We own and manage some of the region's leading B2B media brands, including print, online, event and awards.
AIC Exhibitions is one of Southeast Asia's leading exhibition organisers. Established since 2002, AIC has been at the forefront of creating, building and managing some of the region's most iconic exhibitions, including: MCTF (Malaysia Career & Training Fair), Post Graduate Eduction Fair, ITX Asia, SME Solutions Expo, Malaysia Showcase, National Health Show, Asia Spa & Wellness Festival, Mega Career Fair and many more.

Other events


The SME Solutions Expo 2016 is a trade-show established specifically for the interest of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), allowing both exhibitors and visitors alike to forge new business opportunities. Serving as a platform for networking and product showcasing, the event aims to give existing SMEs a higher market presence in today’s competitive economy.

SMEs make up to 99% of all businesses in ASEAN and are key employers, contributing over one-third of the GDP. The importance of this sector is highlighted by the establishment of cabinet-level and departmental-level government agencies to promote the development of SMEs in all major ASEAN economies.

The SME Solutions Expo has previously enjoyed over 100 booths participating from 8 different countries. Attendance saw over 7,000 visitors over a span of 3 days, an inclining track record over the past 7 years. The event does not discriminate any industries.


The CEO Forum 2016 establishes itself as an informative platform for delegates to attain insight on the latest market concerns from various market pioneers. The forum showcases a panel of CEOs representing different sectors and industries, sharing a discussion on the latest trends, the outlook of SEA markets, and potential opportunities.

In challenging times such as today, it is crucial for decision-makers to collect up-to-date information. Businesses take on different obstacles at different corners of the world.

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