ITX Asia 2018
Trending: Innovative Disruption
Thursday, 25 October 2018
9.00am – 5.00pm

The Biennial Prospect is Back!

The ITX Asia is a biennial title aimed to manifest and disseminate technological advances for business functions in Malaysia. Targeting the largest business sector in Malaysia, the SMEs (97% of all businesses in Malaysia), the title push for adaptation of technology to enable competitive features for every individual that we come across. Diverting from the image of a B2B ICT and ERP trade event, ITX Asia reinvents itself into a trade conference with stringer line-ups of professional presentations and forums.

Innovative Disruption is increasing in frequency and efficiency through the prominence of the digital world. It is less of technological advancement but improvised utility of digital devices, bringing greater convenience to consumers and even greater challenges to business owners. In ITX Asia 2018, we take a close examine of disruptions that happened in Malaysia both past and present. Our end goal is to generate assimilation between existing businesses to ensure greater economic growth.

Innovative Disruption inevitably brings about change in consumer behaviour and standard perception. One of the greatest change we anticipate in Malaysia’s digital ecosystem has been brought about by the Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ). Since launching in November 2017, the DFTZ is now close to one year in operation. ITX Asia looks forward to bringing its latest development into discussion, sharing onboarding opportunities including benefits beyond the digital space to business owners.

Topics and Focuses

Trends in the Digital Ecosystem | Disrupting Thoughts

‘Innovative Disruption’ refers to successful challenge of established businesses using limited resources. It means the ability to create impact beyond expectation by impossible parties. In the business world, this is the first and ultimate guiding aspiration for SMEs across the world.

Innovative Disruption is more than just a fancy name. It is a business model that is adopted by increasing numbers of digital start-ups. At ITX Asia, we will observe this trend and how much difference it has and will made to the economy of Malaysia. We aim to bring an informative conclusion to how entrepreneurs, established or aspiring, can adapt this to their business.

Business Structures in the Digital Ecosystem | Disruption / Innovation Works for the Agile

Modern day entrepreneurship heeds not the big but the agile. SMEs with the ability to quickly adopt a new structure of business to penetrate markets is the most powerful business structure in modern day economy. We will discover which digital component works best for which business.

Market and Standards in the Digital Ecosystem | Disruption Introduces New Markets

Disruptive Innovation changes the expectation of mainstream consumers. They take time to reach up to consumer standards but once they do, those standards will be subject to their devise. Find out how not only to innovate your business but redefine quality and expectations.

Major Platform in the Digital Ecosystem | Digital Free Trade Zone

Since launching in 3 November 2017, we have come across an entire year’s worth of experience. We take the time to examine the lucrative returns, the speedbumps and business trends established in this ecosystem.

Room Composition

Business Owners / Entrepreneurs / Start-Up Enthusiast Naturally, business owners keen on exploring the changes brought about by the digital ecosystem will be present. Regardless of MNCs, SMEs or Start-Ups, any running business with sustainability in mind will stake healthy attention towards ICT Development. From seasoned to aspiring, various minds will participate in developing the platform at ITX Asia.

Corporate Management / Directors Corporate decision-makers with the intention of assimilating innovation into their company will find great prospect in their visit. Not only will they network around budding minds and ideas, but also established game-changers on the frontline for the next wave of Innovative Disruption. Individuals eager to explore improved ICT advise will be well rewarded for active engagement at our platform.

Investing Community / Venture Capitalist / Financial Representatives Financial personnel aiming to channel into digital development will find a pleasing crowd among like-minded company at the ITX Asia. As Malaysia’s digital ecosystem grows increasingly lucrative, commercial and investment values also increase in abundance to the keen of eye.

Functional Managerial / Academicians / NGOs A rich composition will include performing individuals eager to excel in their tasks. Functional managerial in employment will find their time intellectually rewarding by our panel of intelligence. Academicians and NGOs pushing for public improvement agendas will also find the right attention among the most diligent minds in the ICT world.

Past Exhibitors


Business Media International is Southeast Asia's largest B2B media owners. We own and manage some of the region's leading B2B media brands, including print, online, event and awards.
AIC Exhibitions is one of Southeast Asia's leading exhibition organisers. Established since 2002, AIC has been at the forefront of creating, building and managing some of the region's most iconic exhibitions, including: MCTF (Malaysia Career & Training Fair), Post Graduate Eduction Fair, ITX Asia, SME Solutions Expo, Malaysia Showcase, National Health Show, Asia Spa & Wellness Festival, Mega Career Fair and many more.

Other events

The CEO Forum establishes itself as an informative platform for delegates to attain insight on the latest market concerns from various market pioneers. The forum showcases a panel of CEOs representing different sectors and industries, sharing a discussion on the latest trends, the outlook of SEA markets, and potential opportunities.

In challenging times such as today, it is crucial for decision-makers to collect up-to-date information. Businesses take on different obstacles at different corners of the world.


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